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36-5 Aza-Mukaihara, Oyama, Otama-mura, Adachi-gun Fukushima-ken, Japan 969-1301

About Our Company

Message from the Representative

Since our establishment in 1973, we have been working on plastic molded products such as thermoplastic resin, mainly focused on engineering plastics.
 We have manufactured thin-walled molds of 0.2 mm and a variety of high-precision bearings, gears, etc, ranging from small lots to mass production, utilizing our vast facilities and processing technology.

We have always provided a wide variety of products implementing the latest technologies, in order to accommodate changing demands and customers’ needs.

We will tackle new challenges and strive to improve our skills and reduce costs, as well as continue to provide precise, high-quality products based on our experience and trust that we have built.

Perfecton Inc.
CEO Katsunori Hayashi

Our Purposes

1. Improving customer satisfaction
2. Enhancing employee welfare
3. Contributing to society

Company Information

Company NamePerfecton Inc.
CEOKatsunori Hayashi
Head Office36-5 Aza-Mukaihara, Oyama,
Otama-mura, Adachi-gun,
Fukushima-ken, Japan 969-1301
TEL. 0243 – 48 – 2700 (Sub)
FAX. 0243-48-2718
Capital10 Million yen
EstablishedFebruary, 1979
Number of employees39 people (as of December 2018)
BankAshikaga Bank, Toho Bank

Company History

1979.2Established company
1991.5Built・Moved to a new factory
2003.12December 2003
ISO9001:2000 Certification acquired
2004.12December 2004
ISO14001:1996 Certification acquired
2005.6June 2005
ISO14001:2004 Revised certification registered
2009.12December 2009
ISO9001:2008 Revised certification registered
2014.3March 2014
Became a company under Miki Industries Group
2017.10October 2017
Certified as a “Youte Yell Company” (A certification system by Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare under the Youth Employment Promotion Act)
2017.12Revised ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certification registered

Integrated Policy


Perfecton Inc. provides reliability, security, and satisfaction to customers and local communities through corporate activities that involve the protecting our environment, making improvements in technology, and being considerate of people’s lives.


  1. We will fulfill customers’ needs, meet customers’ expectations, and work to improve our skills and quality of products.
  2. We will abide by all laws and orders applicable to our company.
  3. In our corporate activities, we will work to prevent pollution protect the environment, based on the below themes.

①Saving energy and resources
②Reducing overworking, inconsistencies and unefficiency at workplaces
③Preventing accidents due to inclusion of prohibited substances

August 3rd, 2017
Perfecton Co., Ltd.
CEO Katsunori Hayashi

Certified ISO9001 and ISO14001

Applied standardsISO9001, ISO14001
Certification numberISO9001 : 10452-A-02
ISO14001 : 10452-B-01
Certification BureauINTERTEK
Certified dateISO9001 Revised 2015 certification: December 2017
ISO14001 Revised 2015 certification: December 2017
Accreditation scopeManufacturing of plastic injection molded parts


Perfecton Inc.

36-5 Aza-Mukaihara, Oyama, Otama-mura, Adachi-gun,
Fukushima-ken, Japan 969-1301

By Car

<From Sendai>
15 minutes from Nihon-matsu IC on Route 4 highway, towards Koriyama direction
<From Tokyo>
15 minutes from Motomiya IC on Route 4 highway, towards Fukushima direction

By Train

10 minute drive from Motomiya station on JR Tohoku line
(Transfer from Tohoku Shinkansen to JR Tohoku line at Koriyama station or at Fukushima station)

Network (Domestic and Overseas)

We became an affiliated company of the Miki Industry Group in March, 2014.
We will continue to support various customers’ needs.


2454-2, Kuraganomachi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma, 370-1201, Japan
TEL. 027-347-2111


Lot No. 1/2 L2.8 & 1/2 L2.9 Hai Phong Do Son Industrial Zone Hai Phong City, Viet Nam
TEL: +84 31 3816 510/511
FAX: +84 31 3816 512