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36-5 Aza-Mukaihara, Oyama, Otama-mura, Adachi-gun Fukushima-ken, Japan 969-1301

Accurate skills and great creativity,
designing the future and for everyone's needs.

We do various engineering plastics such as PPS and elastomer. We have a high reputation for super thin molded parts starting from 0.2 mm, and have been known for our high precision molding in parts, such as bearings and gears. We respond to the needs of each customer.

We deal with plastic precision parts, so we deliver with a warranty at the time of shipment. In addition, we strive to thoroughly manage environmentally hazardous substances, and aim to create things that are friendly to the global environment.

It is essential in both day-to-day manufacturing and in times of urgent matters that we work together as one, quickly, and with persistence. At our company, we work as a whole team, united under the leadership of our President.

Maintaining good quality in mass production begins with "5S"

In order to eliminate work ineffciencies and increase quality and productivity, we actively work on "5S" activities.

Behavior Guideline of "Monozukuri" On-site

・Failures and abnormalities are reported immediately
・Share important matters that should be shared
・Consult immediately without worrying
・Everyone checks for safety We use the above items as action guidelines and incorporate them into accurate "Monozukuri" manufacturing.